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Bitcoin all-time high: Why this time is different from 2017

Bitcoin all-time high: Why this time is much different than 2017

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high and climbs above the 52,000 US dollar mark. There is much to suggest that the price rally will continue, as a number of things are different from the 2017 bull run. The market update.

Bitcoin is well on its way to becoming the first crypto asset to reach a market capitalisation of over one trillion US dollars. Last night, BTC set a new all-time high at US$52,548.

This means that the market capitalisation of the Bitcoin Code cryptocurrency is above the 970 billion US dollar mark for the first time. BTC has thus recently become bigger than Tesla, Samsung or Facebook. But how sustainable is this price increase? There is much to suggest that this bull run is very different from those of the past.

Bitcoin is in a supply and liquidity crisis

Since the beginning of 2020, just under 635,000 BTC (US$32,924,089,600) have left crypto exchanges. There are three main reasons for this.

Demand for the digital gold has increased extremely in recent months. Large investors have bought more than 600,000 BTC through asset manager Grayscale since the beginning of June 2020.

In addition, MicroStrategy, Tesla, Square, Stone Ridge and other companies have acquired a total of almost 185 more BTC in the same period. But that’s not all.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) on Ethereum has also caused some investors to pull their BTC from crypto exchanges. According to the crypto analysis platform DuneAnalytics, more than 160,000 BTC are currently tokenised as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Dogecoin: 68% of assets are concentrated in just 100 wallets

Dogecoin is heavily concentrated in the hands of its top 100 wallets.

Elon Musk recently criticized the strong centralization of DOGE.

The DOGE has attracted several new investors who believe they can make big profits on the asset

A study by Coin Metrics found that 68.1% of DOGE’s supply is concentrated in the hands of the top 100 wallets, confirming Elon Musk’s previous claims.

Investors are flocking to Bitcoin Evolution to raise its price, but data highlighted by Coin Metrics shows the supply is clearly unevenly concentrated. The top 100 portfolios thus hold 68.1% of the 128 billion DOGE in circulation.

Elon Musk, who has been making headlines in cryptocurrency for the past few months, recently touched on the situation in a tweet . On February 15, Musk said Dogecoin would receive his “full backing” if major holders sell their holdings. He added that he „would pay real dollars if they just canceled their accounts.“

From another point of view, 1% of the richest addresses hold more than 94% of the total supply . However, many of these addresses are trading platforms. Even taking this into account, over 2.7 million addresses contain at least 1 DOGE. In other words, Elon’s claim is credible.

The published data reinforce this sentiment and should inevitably hold back investors. The DOGE has since fallen by more than 20% in the few days since the tweet, although there is no way of knowing if Musk had a direct influence on the price.

Some have even speculated that Musk is responsible for purchasing DOGE en masse

Regular tweets about Dogecoin helped propel the asset to an all-time high this month, but DOGE’s unusually large supply keeps it from reaching a relatively high value. The asset was inadvertently designed, and it looks like it will continue to not be taken seriously.

Several investors, even those outside of the crypto space, have entered the market simply to try and make a profit from Dogecoin.

Musk has been unofficially named “ CEO of Dogecoin “ and referred to the asset in several tweets, often pushing the price up as a result. The crypto community takes its words to heart, but it can have a detrimental effect on cryptocurrencies as well.

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Voici pourquoi WallStreetBets n’achètera

Voici pourquoi WallStreetBets n’achètera pas de bitcoin ensuite

La semaine dernière, la populaire communauté de Reddit a fait grimper le cours de l’action de plusieurs centaines de dollars. Mais les bitcoins ou autres cryptocurrences sont strictement interdits.

  • WallStreetBets, un sous-reddit populaire, a fait les gros titres cette semaine après que ses membres se soient opposés aux positions courtes d’un fonds spéculatif sur GameStop.
  • Cela a conduit certains membres de la communauté des cryptographes à dire que les membres du sous-reddit allaient venir pomper leurs altcoins ensuite.
  • Mais WallStreetbets ne cautionne aucun poste de cryptocourant. Il reste également en dehors des campagnes flagrantes de „pompage et d’abandon“.

Les partisans des cryptocurrences et les Bitcoin Fortune têtes parlantes de la plateforme sociale Twitter sont apparemment enthousiastes à l’idée qu’une nouvelle vague d’acteurs du marché se dirige vers les bitcoins ou d’autres cryptocurrences. Il s’agit des traders du très populaire r/WallStreetBets subreddit (communément appelé WSB) de Reddit.

Le WSB a fait la une des journaux du monde entier la semaine dernière, après que les traders du subreddit aient collectivement fait des bénéfices sur les actions de GameStop (GME), un magasin américain de fournitures et de vente de jeux. Le titre s’est négocié à 2,63 dollars en mars de l’année dernière, alors que la séance de négociation d’hier s’est terminée à 147 dollars. Cela a incité Anthony Scaramucci, qui a lancé un fonds Bitcoin l’année dernière, à dire que la hausse de l’action était la preuve que la finance décentralisée – qui sous-tend l’éthique des cryptocurrences comme Bitcoin – fonctionnerait.

Ecoutez le podcast quotidien de The Decrypt

D’autres ont fait valoir que le BMS pourrait s’intéresser à Bitcoin et en augmenter le prix.

„Voyez-vous cette rage ? Voyez-vous cette communauté canaliser sa colère contre le système ? Que pensez-vous qu’il se passera quand ils découvriront ce qu’est réellement Bitcoin“ a écrit un Bitcoiner, ajoutant que „le marché haussier de 2021 pourrait devenir plus important que ce que chacun d’entre nous réalise“.

Voyez-vous cette rage ? Voyez-vous cette communauté canaliser sa colère contre le système ?

Que pensez-vous qu’il se passera quand ils découvriront ce qu’est réellement #Bitcoin ?

Le marché haussier de 2021 pourrait devenir plus important que nous ne le pensons pic.twitter.com/qDypySjKwj

– Croesus 🔴 (@Croesus_BTC) 27 janvier 2021

Mais il y a un problème avec cette notion : Les négociants de la WSB ne sont pas si int

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Davos agenda looks at cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Unlike in past years, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting will take place virtually rather than on-site in Davos, Switzerland, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the virtual process is not the only renewal of the Davos agenda. Under the item „Fairer Economies“, topics related to cryptocurrencies will be discussed for the first time this year. In total, more than 2,500 representatives of the WEF Foundation will take part in the Davos Agenda. Discussions regarding cryptocurrencies will involve the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, and the CEO of Western Union, Hikmet Ersek, among other prominent figures from the financial sector. In a total of five days, two separate sessions – on Monday and Thursday respectively – will include topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Davos agenda: blockchain and CBDC focus
COVID-19 has accelerated the long-term shift away from cash. Meanwhile, central bank digital currencies are emerging, potentially changing the way people deal with money around the world.

So says the agenda programme called „GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Council) Blockchain Central Davos“. According to this, the main focus of the first session will be the emergence of CBDCs and, among other things, the associated decline of cash. Digital currencies have already been an integral part of the Davos agenda since last year. Back in January, the WEF launched a framework to help banks better assess CBDCs and thus make better use of them. Session member Andrew Bailey already commented on these issues in September 2020 and questioned the sustainability of cryptocurrencies:

‚Their value can fluctuate quite wildly, which is not surprising. They seem to me unsuitable for the world of payments, where certainty of value matters.

The second day of sessions on Thursday is called „Blockchain, AR, VR, IoT – How new technologies are changing the media landscape“. Participants will include Nikita Bokarev, CMO at Sensorium Corporation and Michael Casey, COO at CoinDesk.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the two-day discussions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. However, the fact that cryptocurrencies have made it into the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum already shows that these topics are moving further and further into the focus of the world’s most important researchers and institutions.

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Highlights in Bitcoin Mining: Iranian persecution sharpens, Canaan launches liquid-cooled mine

In this usual weekly summary, a selection of the five most outstanding news related to Bitcoin mining is presented.

Bitcoin mining continued to report important news this week, among the highlights is the new Canaan Creative miner. The Chinese manufacturer announced the launch of a revolutionary ASIC that regulates its temperature with dielectric oil.

The business of extracting crypto coins continues to evolve and generate important news. In CryptTrend, as usual, we present this Sunday’s summary with a selection of the 5 most important news of the last 7 days related exclusively to mining.

Many other news items set the tone during the week. Another one is the intensification of the persecution of the miners in Iran. Other no less important information is related to the increasing difficulty and the increasing capitalization of Hive Blockchain and Marathon.

These are this week’s news about Bitcoin mining

As already highlighted, in this summary, the five most important news related to Bitcoin mining are presented:

Canaan Creative launches an ASIC that regulates its temperature with dielectric oil.
In Iran, the persecution against miners considered „illegal“ is intensifying.
Hive Blockchain and Marathon join the club of mining companies that reach a capitalization of $1 billion.
Shortage of ASICs is accentuated after advance sales of Bitmain.
Bitfarms closed the $20 million CAD private placement contract.

Canaan Creative launches an ASIC that regulates its temperature with dielectric oil

Bitcoin mining by immersion is one of the most outstanding techniques when it comes to saving resources in the long term. It eliminates the operating costs of air-conditioned cooling, regular maintenance, noise and significantly reduces energy consumption.

The problem with dipping is that it is very expensive to install and represents a considerable initial capital expense that not everyone can afford. In response to this, Canaan Creative, launched a revolutionary machine that self-regulates its temperature, not with air, but with mineral oil.

It is the „Avalon Immersion Cooling A1066“. With this equipment that mines up to 50 TH/s, important operating costs are saved, which could position Canaan close to its rivals in the market.

Among the most outstanding news of the week, the new Bitcoin mining machine launched by the manufacturer Canaan Creative stands out. The main quality of this ASIC is that it self-regulates its temperature with dielectric oil. Source: CanaanAmong the most outstanding news of the week, the new Bitcoin mining machine launched by the manufacturer Canaan Creative stands out. The main quality of this ASIC is that it self-regulates its temperature with dielectric oil.

Canaan Creative launched machine that self-regulates its temperature with liquid

Persecution of miners considered „illegal“ is intensifying in Iran

The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, updated the numbers of „illegal“ farms closed since 2019. The total amounts to 1,620 Bitcoin mining centers. This is one of the most prominent news items because it sheds light on the deprivation suffered by the miners in that country.

The authorities of the Persian country, totally prohibit the private trade of crypto coins. This forces the miners to sell their bitcoins to the central bank exclusively at rates set by the financial institution. In addition, the electricity rates against the miners have been increased in a staggered manner.

Under these premises, many miners have chosen to go underground. In response, the government has implemented a $450 reward plan. These are given to people who help the authorities close down farms that are classified as „illegal“.

Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms Continue to Fall in Iran

Hive Blockchain and Marathon join the club of mining companies reaching $1 billion capitalization

Giant Riot Blockchain became the first Bitcoin mining company to reach $1 billion in capitalization in December. It hasn’t been long since its rival Marathon emulated it on Wednesday, January 6. Two days later, Hive Blockchain joined the club.

Since last year 2020, the aggressive rivalry and competition between these Bitcoin mining companies has been in the news. These are joined by Core Scientific and other firms. These companies have considerably expanded their computing power to mine crypto currencies.

So strong has been the „arms race

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Skybridge Capital: El precio de Bitcoin debe alcanzar los 535.000 dólares para igualar el oro

El fondo de Anthony Scaramucci, Skybridge Capital, dice que para que Bitcoin supere al oro y domine como almacén de valor, su precio debe alcanzar los 535 mil dólares.

Bitcoin debe subir 121 veces para superar al oro

De acuerdo con su cubierta de inversión publicada el 4 de enero, esta expansión de 121 veces en el precio del BTC/USD se traducirá en un tope de mercado de más de 7 billones de dólares, igualando al oro, un activo de confianza que está en manos de los bancos centrales y respaldado por los gobiernos de todo el mundo.

Skybridge Capital, que abrió sus puertas el 22 de diciembre con 25,3 millones de dólares de Bitcoin Up y comenzó a ofrecer servicios a inversores acreditados el 4 de enero, está dirigida por Anthony.

Es famoso por haber sido despedido como Director de Comunicaciones de la Casa Blanca después de 11 días.
Bitcoin ha sido desestimado en los últimos tres años

En su cubierta de inversión, el fondo de cobertura dice que Bitcoin es una atractiva clase de activo emergente que ha ido perdiendo cada vez más riesgo en los últimos tres años con una atractiva dinámica de demanda y oferta.

Añaden además que Bitcoin es mejor que el oro.

En medio de una ola de degradación de la publicidad y la impresión de dinero, los inversores minoristas e institucionales están asignando una parte de Bitcoin en su cartera. Esto, a su vez, crea valor a través de efectos de red.

Curiosamente, citan a Andy Edstrom, el autor de „Why Buy Bitcoin“, que explica que Bitcoin es el primer activo de la historia moderna „donde la gente corriente ha tenido una oportunidad antes de las compañías y antes de los fondos de cobertura y antes de los multimillonarios“.

Bitcoin es Oro 2.0, una balsa salvavidas monetaria

El fondo de cobertura continúa describiendo a Bitcoin como una balsa salvavidas monetaria, oro 2.0, que está encontrando uso en todo el mundo. Con el miedo a la confiscación gubernamental y la hiperinflación, la mayoría cree que Bitcoin es el lugar donde pueden almacenar valor de forma segura.

Cabe destacar que Skybridge Capital cita el creciente número de compradores, alimentando la demanda de la moneda, lo que hace que los precios suban.

Por ejemplo, la entrada de Square’s Cash App, MicroStrategy y PayPal, que adquirieron 600 millones de dólares de Bitcoin en el primer mes de lanzamiento, apoyan a BTC y podrían causar una reevaluación de precios en los próximos días.

Los analistas esperan que Bitcoin alcance las 6 cifras

Los analistas confían en que el BTC seguirá ganando terreno en los próximos meses.

Según JP Morgan, Bitcoin podría atraer 600.000 millones de dólares de financiación institucional. Además, un analista de Forex de Citibank predice que Bitcoin recuperará más de 100.000 dólares para diciembre de 2021.

Anteriormente, según un informe de BTCManager, los gemelos Winklevoss dijeron que debido a la mala gestión de la política monetaria por parte de la Reserva Federal de los Estados Unidos, el precio de Bitcoin se recuperaría hasta los 500.000 dólares.

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Bitcoin es más como una ‚operación de casino‘, dice la leyenda de inversiones Mark Mobius

Mark Mobius, el socio fundador de Mobius Capital Partners, sigue siendo bajista con bitcoin.

Hablando con Financial News hoy, Mobius básicamente comparó la inversión en bitcoin con una operación de casino. Postuló que el auge de la criptomoneda es una „operación de casino basada en todo tipo de rumores y especulaciones“. El inversor veterano señaló además que no hay información confiable que pueda usarse para pronosticar el próximo movimiento que tomará Bitcoin System, ya que el activo no sigue ningún patrón en particular.

„Tratar de predecir el precio de Bitcoin es un juego de perdedores“

No poder predecir el precio de bitcoin está en línea con la notoria volatilidad por la que se conoce al criptoactivo. En otras palabras, el precio de bitcoin hace lo que quiere. Por ejemplo, en marzo, bitcoin cayó en picada un 50% en un solo día antes de recuperarse rápidamente en los meses siguientes. Después de que las elecciones presidenciales estadounidenses de 2020 llegaron a su fin, bitcoin se recuperó cerca de su máximo histórico de $ 20,000. Desde entonces, la criptomoneda ha retrocedido al nivel de $ 17,000.

No obstante, los inversores de alto patrimonio neto, las empresas multimillonarias y los fondos aparentemente no temen la volatilidad

De hecho, se están subiendo al tren de bitcoin sin dudarlo. Los inversores veteranos Paul Tudor Jones y Stan Druckenmiller han declarado posturas hiper alcistas sobre la criptomoneda insignia este año, mientras que compañías como Square, MicroStrategy y Square y otras compañías metieron sus dedos en la canasta de bitcoins.

Sin embargo, Mobius continúa atacando bitcoin. Él, de hecho, tiene un historial de arrojar sombra al rey de las criptomonedas. Por ejemplo, declaró en 2017 que bitcoin es más una religión que una moneda.

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Les banques centrales abandonnent l’or. Vont-ils éventuellement acheter du Bitcoin? L’Iran dit oui!L’Iran achète des bitcoins

Pour la première fois en dix ans, plusieurs banques centrales du monde entier ont commencé à vendre leur or. Selon un rapport de Bloomberg , plusieurs pays producteurs d’or ont tiré parti du prix élevé de l’actif pour atténuer les effets de la pandémie sur leurs économies nationales.

L’or a connu un prix presque record au cours des dernières semaines, ce qui a incité les banques centrales à commencer à abandonner leur or dans le but de gérer l’économie

Mais parlons de l’or numérique, le Bitcoin Profit qui a survécu à de nombreuses fluctuations du marché et s’est révélé être une couverture contre l’inflation et la crise économique.

Certes, les banques centrales n’ont pas toujours été en faveur des crypto-monnaies, en particulier Bitcoin. Cependant, compte tenu des cas d’utilisation et de la valeur de la crypto-monnaie, il ne sera peut-être pas trop loin dans le futur avant que les banques centrales n’achètent du bitcoin en tant qu’actif de réserve.

L’Iran adopte le Bitcoin

On dit que le changement est la seule chose constante dans le monde, et cette affirmation s’est avérée vraie dans de nombreux cas. Dans un rapport récent , les autorités iraniennes ont officiellement déclaré que Bitcoin serait utilisé pour les transactions internationales.

Cette décision a fait de l’Iran le premier pays au monde à utiliser Bitcoin comme moyen d’échange. La banque centrale d’Iran achètera du Bitcoin légalement extrait aux mineurs pour financer les importations en provenance d’autres pays.

Les crypto-monnaies étaient illégales dans le pays jusqu’en 2019, date à laquelle il a publié son règlement. Bien que l’Iran ne soit plus très strict en ce qui concerne les crypto-monnaies, il n’est pas trop indulgent à leur égard non plus. Cependant, les sanctions américaines faisant pression sur l’économie iranienne, il leur devient impossible d’utiliser le dollar dans les échanges internationaux.

De plus, la monnaie fiduciaire du pays est en baisse depuis deux ans. Le rial iranien s’est aggravé avec la crise induite par la pandémie COVID-19.

En légalisant l’extraction et l’utilisation de Bitcoin dans le pays, l’Iran contournera la sanction américaine tout en participant à des échanges internationaux.

L’Iran n’est qu’un exemple où les banques centrales se sont tournées vers Bitcoin au milieu d’une crise économique nationale. Au fil des jours, de nombreuses autres banques centrales du monde entier changent de position sur le Bitcoin et la crypto-monnaie en général.

Certains sont passés de la condamnation pure et simple du Bitcoin à la modification de leur législation pour permettre l’utilisation de crypto-monnaies. La Suisse, par exemple, a récemment modifié ses lois sur la cryptographie pour promouvoir l’adoption par le grand public.

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Two altcoins that could soon enter a rally

OCEAN trades between support at 2360 satoshis, and resistance at 3 160 satoshis.

Technical indicators for OCEAN like the DAG are bullish.

The DAG trades between support at 93 satoshis and resistance at 126 satoshis

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) price is moving just at a critical area of ​​resistance. It is likely that it exceeds this area.

Likewise, Constellation (DAG) price has broken through a descending resistance line and is consolidating in anticipation of another upward movement.

The trader cryptomonnaies @TheEuroSniper has mentioned several digital pieces that he believes have strong potential rally. In this article, we’ll take a look at two of these: the OCEAN and the DAG.

The OCEAN has been falling since August 18, when price peaked at 6,071 satoshis. Since then the price has also followed a descending resistance line.

The coin is currently trading within a significant resistance zone, located at 3,160 satoshis. In addition to having initially acted as support, this area also coincides with the descending resistance line. If it exceeds this zone, this would therefore confirm that the price has passed its resistance.

In this case, the next resistance would be at 3,900 satoshis. On the contrary, a rejection would bring the price back to the support zone of 2360 satoshis

Technical indicators in the daily timescale are bullish. The MACD formed bullish divergences, and the Stochastic Oscillator generated a bullish cross. A move out of the current resistance zone would also allow the RSI to break through the 50s, and the MACD to enter negative territory.

Additionally, price created a bullish hammer and hit its highest daily close since falling below the resistance zone. The OCEAN should therefore confirm its advance and climb towards 3,900 satoshis.

DAG price is also falling along a descending resistance line from its August 21 high at 220 satoshis.

That said, he broke that resistance line on October 2. Although the price is declining, it has only validated the 93 satoshis area as support and has started to consolidate.

The considerable bearish divergence in the RSI like the MACD increases the possibility of the price going up, first towards 124 satoshis, or even 160 satoshis.

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Muntenbasis Volgt Vierkant: Creëert een subsidieprogramma voor de ontwikkeling van Bitcoin

Coinbase kreeg niet veel waardering voor de poging om de politiek uit zijn werkomgeving te halen, vanwege hoe polariserend de politiek tegenwoordig is. Toch zou dit kunnen veranderen met de laatste ontwikkeling, door te kiezen voor de financiering van minimaal twee Bitcoin Core ontwikkelaars, met plannen om meer potentieel te financieren.

Deze twee sponsoren zijn het debuut van het Crypto Community Fund, het nieuwe subsidieprogramma dat de beurs aanbiedt.

De Verplichte Blog Post

Manish Gupta, Executive Vice President of Engineering bij Coinbase, gaf een blogartikel uit over de zaak in het algemeen. Gupta verklaarde dat er plannen zijn om minimaal twee Bitcoin-ontwikkelaars te sponsoren. Deze ontwikkelaars, zo legde Gupta uit, leveren directe bijdragen aan de Bitcoin Core codebase, of zijn anderszins nauw verbonden met Bitcoin-projecten. In zijn huidige vorm begint het programma al applicaties te accepteren.

Dit project komt nadat Coinbase een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid kritiek heeft gekregen met betrekking tot zijn nieuwe bedrijfsmissie van „Apolitical“ zijn als het gaat om de wereld.

Zoals men zich kan voorstellen, hebben deze polariserende tijden er voor gezorgd dat 60 medewerkers van de beurs zijn vertrokken. In zijn verklaring over het project verklaarde Coinbase dat het volledig van plan is om verschillende ontwikkelaars te ondersteunen die zich hebben gecommitteerd aan het onderhoud en de groei van het Bitcoin-ecosysteem.

Plannen voor de uitbreiding van het subsidieproject

Terwijl de huidige financiering bedoeld is om de ontwikkeling van Bitcoin te ondersteunen, heeft Gupta snel bepaald dat dit nieuwe crypto-subsidieprogramma ook openstaat voor verschillende andere projecten en crypto-gemeenschappen.

Gupta’s verklaring stelde dat Coinbase gelooft dat het essentieel is om te helpen in de verbinding en de groei van de economie van de Crypto Bank ruimtevaart, omdat het essentieel is voor de ontwikkeling van een wereldwijd open financieel systeem. Verder werd de nadruk gelegd op de wijze waarop het Crypto Community Fund wordt ingezet voor de groei en verbetering van de gehele crypto-industrie, waarbij de veiligheid en de eenvoud voor alle betrokkenen wordt vergroot.

Als dit programma in eerste instantie succesvol zou zijn, verklaarde Gupta dat Coinbase van plan is om het uit te breiden naar andere soorten crypto-gemeenschappen en -projecten.

Een lange tijd komen

Coinbase heeft mensen uitgenodigd om verschillende Bitcoin-ontwikkelaars te nomineren die sponsoring nodig hebben, en vraagt hen om details over hen te geven, waarbij de laatste oproep door Coinbase zelf wordt gedaan.

Dit is niet het eerste subsidieprogramma dat ontwikkeld is voor de crypto ruimte in het algemeen, maar het is Coinbase’s eerste bod op deze ruimte. De uitwisseling zelf is een van de oudste die er zijn, dus het is meer verrassend dat dit zo lang duurde om tot stand te komen.

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