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Davos agenda looks at cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Unlike in past years, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting will take place virtually rather than on-site in Davos, Switzerland, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the virtual process is not the only renewal of the Davos agenda. Under the item „Fairer Economies“, topics related to cryptocurrencies will be discussed for the first time this year. In total, more than 2,500 representatives of the WEF Foundation will take part in the Davos Agenda. Discussions regarding cryptocurrencies will involve the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, and the CEO of Western Union, Hikmet Ersek, among other prominent figures from the financial sector. In a total of five days, two separate sessions – on Monday and Thursday respectively – will include topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Davos agenda: blockchain and CBDC focus
COVID-19 has accelerated the long-term shift away from cash. Meanwhile, central bank digital currencies are emerging, potentially changing the way people deal with money around the world.

So says the agenda programme called „GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Council) Blockchain Central Davos“. According to this, the main focus of the first session will be the emergence of CBDCs and, among other things, the associated decline of cash. Digital currencies have already been an integral part of the Davos agenda since last year. Back in January, the WEF launched a framework to help banks better assess CBDCs and thus make better use of them. Session member Andrew Bailey already commented on these issues in September 2020 and questioned the sustainability of cryptocurrencies:

‚Their value can fluctuate quite wildly, which is not surprising. They seem to me unsuitable for the world of payments, where certainty of value matters.

The second day of sessions on Thursday is called „Blockchain, AR, VR, IoT – How new technologies are changing the media landscape“. Participants will include Nikita Bokarev, CMO at Sensorium Corporation and Michael Casey, COO at CoinDesk.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the two-day discussions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. However, the fact that cryptocurrencies have made it into the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum already shows that these topics are moving further and further into the focus of the world’s most important researchers and institutions.

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Highlights in Bitcoin Mining: Iranian persecution sharpens, Canaan launches liquid-cooled mine

In this usual weekly summary, a selection of the five most outstanding news related to Bitcoin mining is presented.

Bitcoin mining continued to report important news this week, among the highlights is the new Canaan Creative miner. The Chinese manufacturer announced the launch of a revolutionary ASIC that regulates its temperature with dielectric oil.

The business of extracting crypto coins continues to evolve and generate important news. In CryptTrend, as usual, we present this Sunday’s summary with a selection of the 5 most important news of the last 7 days related exclusively to mining.

Many other news items set the tone during the week. Another one is the intensification of the persecution of the miners in Iran. Other no less important information is related to the increasing difficulty and the increasing capitalization of Hive Blockchain and Marathon.

These are this week’s news about Bitcoin mining

As already highlighted, in this summary, the five most important news related to Bitcoin mining are presented:

Canaan Creative launches an ASIC that regulates its temperature with dielectric oil.
In Iran, the persecution against miners considered „illegal“ is intensifying.
Hive Blockchain and Marathon join the club of mining companies that reach a capitalization of $1 billion.
Shortage of ASICs is accentuated after advance sales of Bitmain.
Bitfarms closed the $20 million CAD private placement contract.

Canaan Creative launches an ASIC that regulates its temperature with dielectric oil

Bitcoin mining by immersion is one of the most outstanding techniques when it comes to saving resources in the long term. It eliminates the operating costs of air-conditioned cooling, regular maintenance, noise and significantly reduces energy consumption.

The problem with dipping is that it is very expensive to install and represents a considerable initial capital expense that not everyone can afford. In response to this, Canaan Creative, launched a revolutionary machine that self-regulates its temperature, not with air, but with mineral oil.

It is the „Avalon Immersion Cooling A1066“. With this equipment that mines up to 50 TH/s, important operating costs are saved, which could position Canaan close to its rivals in the market.

Among the most outstanding news of the week, the new Bitcoin mining machine launched by the manufacturer Canaan Creative stands out. The main quality of this ASIC is that it self-regulates its temperature with dielectric oil. Source: CanaanAmong the most outstanding news of the week, the new Bitcoin mining machine launched by the manufacturer Canaan Creative stands out. The main quality of this ASIC is that it self-regulates its temperature with dielectric oil.

Canaan Creative launched machine that self-regulates its temperature with liquid

Persecution of miners considered „illegal“ is intensifying in Iran

The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, updated the numbers of „illegal“ farms closed since 2019. The total amounts to 1,620 Bitcoin mining centers. This is one of the most prominent news items because it sheds light on the deprivation suffered by the miners in that country.

The authorities of the Persian country, totally prohibit the private trade of crypto coins. This forces the miners to sell their bitcoins to the central bank exclusively at rates set by the financial institution. In addition, the electricity rates against the miners have been increased in a staggered manner.

Under these premises, many miners have chosen to go underground. In response, the government has implemented a $450 reward plan. These are given to people who help the authorities close down farms that are classified as „illegal“.

Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms Continue to Fall in Iran

Hive Blockchain and Marathon join the club of mining companies reaching $1 billion capitalization

Giant Riot Blockchain became the first Bitcoin mining company to reach $1 billion in capitalization in December. It hasn’t been long since its rival Marathon emulated it on Wednesday, January 6. Two days later, Hive Blockchain joined the club.

Since last year 2020, the aggressive rivalry and competition between these Bitcoin mining companies has been in the news. These are joined by Core Scientific and other firms. These companies have considerably expanded their computing power to mine crypto currencies.

So strong has been the „arms race

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Skybridge Capital: El precio de Bitcoin debe alcanzar los 535.000 dólares para igualar el oro

El fondo de Anthony Scaramucci, Skybridge Capital, dice que para que Bitcoin supere al oro y domine como almacén de valor, su precio debe alcanzar los 535 mil dólares.

Bitcoin debe subir 121 veces para superar al oro

De acuerdo con su cubierta de inversión publicada el 4 de enero, esta expansión de 121 veces en el precio del BTC/USD se traducirá en un tope de mercado de más de 7 billones de dólares, igualando al oro, un activo de confianza que está en manos de los bancos centrales y respaldado por los gobiernos de todo el mundo.

Skybridge Capital, que abrió sus puertas el 22 de diciembre con 25,3 millones de dólares de Bitcoin Up y comenzó a ofrecer servicios a inversores acreditados el 4 de enero, está dirigida por Anthony.

Es famoso por haber sido despedido como Director de Comunicaciones de la Casa Blanca después de 11 días.
Bitcoin ha sido desestimado en los últimos tres años

En su cubierta de inversión, el fondo de cobertura dice que Bitcoin es una atractiva clase de activo emergente que ha ido perdiendo cada vez más riesgo en los últimos tres años con una atractiva dinámica de demanda y oferta.

Añaden además que Bitcoin es mejor que el oro.

En medio de una ola de degradación de la publicidad y la impresión de dinero, los inversores minoristas e institucionales están asignando una parte de Bitcoin en su cartera. Esto, a su vez, crea valor a través de efectos de red.

Curiosamente, citan a Andy Edstrom, el autor de „Why Buy Bitcoin“, que explica que Bitcoin es el primer activo de la historia moderna „donde la gente corriente ha tenido una oportunidad antes de las compañías y antes de los fondos de cobertura y antes de los multimillonarios“.

Bitcoin es Oro 2.0, una balsa salvavidas monetaria

El fondo de cobertura continúa describiendo a Bitcoin como una balsa salvavidas monetaria, oro 2.0, que está encontrando uso en todo el mundo. Con el miedo a la confiscación gubernamental y la hiperinflación, la mayoría cree que Bitcoin es el lugar donde pueden almacenar valor de forma segura.

Cabe destacar que Skybridge Capital cita el creciente número de compradores, alimentando la demanda de la moneda, lo que hace que los precios suban.

Por ejemplo, la entrada de Square’s Cash App, MicroStrategy y PayPal, que adquirieron 600 millones de dólares de Bitcoin en el primer mes de lanzamiento, apoyan a BTC y podrían causar una reevaluación de precios en los próximos días.

Los analistas esperan que Bitcoin alcance las 6 cifras

Los analistas confían en que el BTC seguirá ganando terreno en los próximos meses.

Según JP Morgan, Bitcoin podría atraer 600.000 millones de dólares de financiación institucional. Además, un analista de Forex de Citibank predice que Bitcoin recuperará más de 100.000 dólares para diciembre de 2021.

Anteriormente, según un informe de BTCManager, los gemelos Winklevoss dijeron que debido a la mala gestión de la política monetaria por parte de la Reserva Federal de los Estados Unidos, el precio de Bitcoin se recuperaría hasta los 500.000 dólares.

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